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What's this service call going to cost me?

The intent of this section is to help take the mystery out of what to expect when working with CHB Appliance Repair.  Once you've contacted CHB Appliance Repair or Ive contacted you after you've filled out and submitted the Contact form on this website, a date and time for a service call will be established.  Prior to the actual service call, CHB Appliance Repair will immediately begin researching your particular appliance based on the information you've provided. The service call will consist of arriving at your residence with a basic plan of action followed up by an in depth diagnosis of what's wrong with your appliance. This diagnostic cost will be  $110.00 including tax.  An approximate quote for what it's going to take to repair your appliance will be submitted to you after the diagnosis of what's wrong has been determined. There will typically be two components to the quote. There'll be the estimated cost for any part(s) needed and a flat rate charge for the particular type of repair. CHB Appliance Repair does NOT mark up the cost of parts. What CHB Appliance Repair pays for the part(s) is what the customer will pay. The flat rate charge for the particular repair will typically be in the range of $150.00 to $250.00 not including tax. The flat rate charge is a function of how easy/difficult the repair is to perform. The $110.00 diagnostic fee will be applied towards the repair cost when a customer decides to proceed with the repair after receiving the quote. If the customer decides against having the appliance repaired, the $110.00 diagnostic fee only will be charged. There will be cases where CHB Appliance Repair will recommend replacing the appliance. An example would be if the sealed system in a refrigerator has failed. Another example would be where the cost of the repair begins to approach/exceed the value of the appliance. In either such case, the $110.00 diagnostic fee only will be charged. 

Payment will be expected on completion of the service call. If a return trip is necessary in the case where a part or parts must be ordered, payment of $110.00 towards the quoted repair cost will be expected on the first service call with the balance payable upon completion of the repair at a later date. Payment by check or cash is accepted. There is a 30 day warranty on parts and workmanship from the date of the completed repair. A longer warranty may be granted on an individual basis at the discretion of CHB Appliance Repair

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